2006-2007 CALI CD Ships with 625 Computer Tutorials in 32 Legal Education Subjects

The 2006-2007 CALI CD is shipping this week to law schools that pre-ordered it for their incoming students.

The CALI CD contains a snapshot of all of the lessons that we publish and is available to CALI-member law schools that want to give it out to their 1Ls FOR FREE (Yes, it’s free to 1Ls, but ONLY via your law school NOT directly from CALI).

If your law school wants to order additional CDs for your 2Ls and 3Ls, they are only $1 each. Contact LaVonne Molde at 612-627-4908 or lvmolde@cali.org.

If you are a current law student at a CALI-member law school, you can order your own copy of the CD for $39.95 from here.

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