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Warrior Librarians and “Defiant Preservation”

I recently ran across a new blog that discusses current copyright issues and the most recent post is a real head-banger. As the Executive Director of CALI, I find myself dealing with copyright issues all of the time. We run a pretty tight ship and have spent a lot of effort and money to make […]

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One Blog Per Law Student

What if every law student had a blog? They could post their notes, and commentary on their learning experiences, thoughts about their school and professors. It would be sort of like a disaggregated, all in one. The value of websites like RateMyProfesser and SwapNotes is in the fact that they aggregate all of […]

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Law School Outline Collage

Here are the websites that I used to construct the collage… I did not dig too deeply into the Google search either. There were dozens of other sites at law schools or law student sites that aggregated links to law school exam banks and […]

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Student Note Swapping, Feedback Loops and 10-Questions-A-Week

There seemed to be two major concerns with sites like and (only two representative examples being discussed on the LawProf discussion list lately) … Copyright issues and, Pedagogical issues. I can’t speak to the copyright issues with authority, though I think it might be a rather nuanced problem based on my readings of […]

Comments off’s Adam Steiner – Podcast Interview

I lurk on the LawProf discussion list and was privy to the discussion about student note sharing websites that surrounded over the past few days. I was a bit perturbed by the vehemence of some of the responses and invited Adam Steiner who is a 3L at Cardozo Law School to talk about his […]

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Law Students – Are You in a Podcasted Course? Tell Us About It!

Are you taking a course where the instructor is using podcasting? If so, we have a survey that we would like you to take. CALI has been supporting law faculty podcasting through the Legal Education Podcasting Project for over a year now and every semester we (try to) survey law students who are in any […]

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Subclassing the Commons – My Talk at the Berkman Center

I spent a wonderful day last week at the Berkman Center and gave a fast-paced talk about past, current and future CALI projects. The Berkman folks are involved in all kinds of imaginative, challenging and exciting projects that overlap with my work at CALI in all kinds of ways. I had a great time. The […]

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