Warrior Librarians and “Defiant Preservation”

I recently ran across a new blog that discusses current copyright issues and the most recent post is a real head-banger.

As the Executive Director of CALI, I find myself dealing with copyright issues all of the time. We run a pretty tight ship and have spent a lot of effort and money to make sure that we aren’t violating anyones’ copyright. We have spent the last several years replacing all of the images in our CALI lessons with new and original images for which we have absolute certainly of their copyright provenance.

That said, this article really made me think about how the digital world is pressuring our old notions of copyright and how the current system is so inefficient and difficult to navigate.

Larry Lessig writes often and eloquently on these same issues in the vein of preserving our culture. His recent work on orphaned copyright works is quite compelling and I, for one, am delighted that so smart a warrior is on our side.

Georgia Harper talks about librarians who, in order to fulfill their misson as archivists, must become "Defiant Preservationists".

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