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CALI Lessons as Podcasts III

DemoPodcastLesson3.mp3 This is another prototype of CALI lessons as podcasts. In this one, I used a text-to-speech application and AT&T Natural Voices (one for the narrator and a different one for the instructor) instead of my own recorded voice. I think it sounds pretty good, but I plan to listen to it several more times […]

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Prototype Lesson as Podcast II

DemoPodcastLesson2.mp3 This is the same audio file, but I added some page-change sound effects – just to see if it adds anything or if its too distracting. This is very subtle stuff – have to walk a thin line between giving the listener audio context and jarring them out of the zone of listening and […]

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CALI Lessons as Podcasts

DemoPodcastLesson.mp3 The podcast linked to this post is a manually created simple prototype of my idea of CALI lessons as podcasts. I simply read the portions into Audacity using my laptops on-board microphone – nothing fancy here. It does demonstrate some of the ideas that I was thinknig about . There is some intro music […]

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