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BYU and U of Maine Join CALI – US Law School Membership at 203!

I am excited to announce that the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University and the University of Maine School of Law are CALI’s newest members. CALI now has 203 US Law School Members. This is a new higheste-ever for CALI. Welcome aboard!

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Legal Information for Podcasters

Ran across a useful interview that Charlie White conducted with attorney Jeffrey Hermes in four parts. They talk about various legal issues that have to do with podcasting like First Amendment protections, defamation, fair use and being sued. Worth a read.. Part 1 here Part 2 here Part 3 here …and… Part 4 here. You […]

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ANNOUNCE: 2007 Conference for Law School Computing to be held at William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV

The 2007 Conference for Law School Computing will be held at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law on Monday-Wednesday, June 18-20, 2007. Here is the website where you will soon be able to register, get hotel information, etc. In the meantime, if you are a faculty, staff or librarian at […]

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Law Student Survey Comments on Podcasting – THERE’S GOLD HERE!

In Spring semester of 2006, CALI conducted the first Legal Education Podcasting Project and we surveyed students at the end of the semester to their reactions. I published the tabulate-able results of the survey in this blog post. I read over the student comments in preparation for my EDUCAUSE presentation and realized that I have […]

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Podcasting the Classroom: Two Models – Podcast of Talk at EDUCAUSE 2006 – UPDATED

Elmer Masters and I spoke at EDUCAUSE today in a presentation titled "Podcasting the Classroom: Two Models". Here is the Powerpoint deck from the talk. Elmer used a TiddlyWiki for his talk and I will post a link when I get it – EDUCAUSEPodcasting.ppt Here is a link to the audio of the talk that […]

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Open Source Legal Education: Groklaw’s Relentless Community

Pamela Jones and the hordes of relentless keyboard kommandoes have been clicking up a storm in these waning days of the SCO v. IBM litigation. They have just posted a re-working of what PJ calls "IBM’s Greatest Hits" and Groklaw’s "Magnum Opus". It’s titled … Declaration of Todd M. Shaughnessy with Unsealed or Redacted Exhibits […]

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Podcast Interview with Professor Vince Chiapetta of Willamette University College of Law about Patents and the BlackBoard v. Desire2Learn Suit – UPDATED

This is my second interview with a law professor who teaches patent law. Professor Vince Chiapetta teaches at Willamette University College of Law and has been involved in patent litigation in the past. The first podcast was with Professor Mary LaFrance of UNLV Boyd School of Law. Vince was kind enough to entertain my questions […]

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See You In Dallas – EDUCAUSE 2006

I’m off to EDUCAUSE 2006 to give a presentation about the Legal Education Podcasting Project and CALI’s future plans for Classcaster. Here’s the blurb with a link for our session which is on Wednesday morning at 8:10 am (ooof, I am not a morning person). If you would like to meet up, drop a note […]

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I ran across today and it’s gave me an idea. Judges posting their own opinions – hence the title of this post. – MyJudgeSpace. The purpose of Project Posner is… "…Why this site? While Posner’s books and popular writings are easilyavailable to the public, his opinions are difficult or expensive forthe public to access, […]

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Run Your Own Educational Blog/Podcast Network with Classcaster

CALI is pleased to announce the launching of, a website to support education institutions that want to run their own blog/podcast networks. Classcaster is a freely available, open-source system of software that can be run on a Linux server for educational institutions to allow their faculty, staff and students to create blogs, post podcasts […]

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