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Law Faculty 2.0

Social Software or Web 2.0 are buzz phrases much overused and ill-defined these days, but I ran across an explanation by Gene Smith that helps to evaluate social software/web 2.0 websites. Here are Gene’s definitions… Identity – a way of uniquely identifying people in the system Presence – a way of knowing who is online, […]

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Legal Education and IT: Oasis or Mirage?

The theme for this year’s Conference for Law School Computing … Legal Education and IT:Mirage or Oasis? I fear that this choice of theme may be mis-interpreted, so let me provide some thoughts. As conference themes go, it’s a little ambiguous – which is good. By leaving wide latitude for interpretation, the speakers can riff […]

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Embedding the Read/Write Web in … Everything, but Especially Education

An interesting article at the SocialText wiki blog got to me to thinking about the post-blog/wiki-web, when these blogs and wikis and tags and RSS feeds are not artifacts in themselves, but are embedded into …. everything else. The two common themes I find to measure all applications of the read/write web … by which […]

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