Lawyers on YouTube – Marketing, Advice AND Education?

A month back, I pointed to videos of sentencing hearingsposted on YouTube by the judge in the case. Most of the cases seemed tobe drug-related. These videos were a little thin on content, but Iasked the question "Is this legal education"?

Lawyer, Allison Margolin has posted a video that is part marketing,part public information and part social commentary. This IS legaleducation of a sort.

Here’s the YouTube link so that you can view it yourself…

Ms. Margolin refers to her credentials early in the video…

She also includes contact information at the end of the video…

But she goes much further than just describing her practice and herfirm work. There is a short interview with a client and also commentaryabout drug-related criminal defense work that she does.

It’s a very well-produced video with lots of cuts, shaky "NYPD Blue"like camera work and Allilson dressed in clothes that are notbutton-down, suited lawyer – more accessible and friendly to theclients she wishes to attract.

Except for the phone and email contact information, I would not havebeen too surprised to find this on a legal aid website. This is marketsas conversations a la Cluetrain. YouTube may just become a big educational website where microniches of professionals education and advertise at the same time.

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