Is Jackson Pollock Your Webmaster?

I visit law school websites all the time and I have come to the conclusion that they fall into the following categories…

  • The "Where in the World" website where you cannot find a mailing address to save your life and thus cannot google-map or ship anything to anyone at the school. At best they have a PO box (which Fedex and UPS disdain) and makes me think that the entire school is just a PO drop box.
  • The "I guess our university has a law school" website where all of the searches lead to the university library, the university faculty list and the university visitor information.
  • The "Law Library Ascendant" website where the school has a home page and all the links lead to law library-branded pages.
  • The "CNN Law School" website where there are dozens of press releases, faculty publication, event calendars and weather in <our fair city>. Must be run by the public affairs department.
  • The "Jackson Pollock is our Webmaster" where I can’t tell where anything is going.

Almost all law school websites have at least the following on the home page…

  • a picture of a brick building,
  • Happy, happy, fun time, multi-cultural, not-stressed-out students fromwearing LL Bean clothes. You never see a picture of a real law students (gangsta jeans, nine-inch nails t-shirt, NPR baseball cap topsiders/no socks and starbucks cup firmly in hand).
  • Menus…lots of menus

Which one is your website?

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