Exam Advice for Law Students – 2006

Austin Groothuis has updated his list of links to exam advice for law students. I am reproducing it here to make sure it gets wide distribution.

Austin, take it away…

Once again, it’s that time of year. If you are a 1L, you are feelingthe pressure of your first law school exams. Lucky for you, I’vegathered some of the advice out there.

CALI Podcasts

1) Tips for multiple choice exams

2) Top 10 tips for writing a law school essay

3) Three more conversations with law professors about exams

Other Resources

1) Massive compilation of advice on Top Law Student Blog

2) Advice from Permissive Joinder Blog

3) Advice from a professor on Evan Shaeffer’s Legal Underground

4) A post about issue spotting from Evan Shaeffer’s Legal Underground

5) Advice from Prof. Greg Bowman of Law Career Blog

6) Advice on how to flunk exams from another law student in Chicago.

7) Hofstra’s Law Library blog posts more exam week suggestions.

That’sa lot of advice and I know if you are a 1L that you probably don’t havetime to go over it all with exams fastly approaching. But hopefully youhave some time to look through and/or listen to some of them.

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