Podcast Interview with Law Professor Mary LaFrance about Patents and the BlackBoard v. Desire2Learn Suit

Like so many ed-tech folks who are not lawyers, I have been struggling to understand the implications of the BlackBoard patent and their law suit against Desire2Learn.

Being in the legal education business, I happen to know some really smart law professors who teach patent law and so I am in the process of recording conversations with them about this topic.

Professor Mary LaFrance teaches at the Boyd School of Law which is part of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and she was kind enough to entertain my questions.

The conversation was far-ranging and of necessity, somewhat speculative as to the tactics and intent of the parties.

It is important to note that none of the material in this blog and in this podcast in particular should be construed as legal advice.

Here is the podcast – MaryLaFrance.mp3. Click to listen or right-click to download the MP3.

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