Inside the Mind of a Law School Dean

Ever wondered what Deans do?

Dean Frank H. Wu of Wayne State University Law School provides some insight. In what I believe to be the first ever law school Dean blog, he has been regularly posting articles here.

When I first saw the blog created on Classcaster, I was afraid it would see very infrequent posts or posts of little substance. Instead, Dean Wu has been righting insightful and useful articles – ostensibly aimed at his own students and law school community at Wayne State, but interesting to everyone else in legal education as well.

He has been posting about once a week since the beginning of the school year and has embarked on a "series" …

" …. In a series of posts to this blog, I’ll describe “what a dean does.” Itis important to ensure all stakeholders are aware of theresponsibilities of anyone who is entrusted with a leadership role…."

I know its tough to blog and wonder if anyone is reading. The key is compelling content and honesty and I think Dean Wu has made a great start.

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