Blog for Pre-Law AND Law Students

Austin Groothuis works for CALI (as do I), but he is also a 2L at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

His blog has been attracting some positive attention (follow link and see the above graphic) and I realized that I was remiss in mot mentioning this myself after the appropriate disclosures.

The blog is loosely aimed at folks considering law school, but Austin can’t help but write from his own experiences in law school. This is all to the good and he has been doing a great job of posting insightful and honest advice.

He has also put out an open call to any law students or pre-law students for any questions or advice that they want. Brave man.

Seriously, take him up on his offer. We have tons of contacts and the CALI staff has over 50 years of experience working in legal education … or like the saying goes…

We’re from CALI and we’re here to help.

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