Help for Law School Help Desks – Free Picture Books for Software Training

Back in the day when I was running a computer center at a lawschool, the months of July and August were some of the busiest monthsgetting things ready for the new batch of students.

One ofthe things that I loaded onto our local area network was any tutorialor help document I could find that would answer students questionsbefore they came knocking on my door.

Publisher Visibooks offers "screen quality" versions of its picture books for free download here.

Here’s a screenshot …

These aren’t super-comprehensive "bibles" for power users, but they might be plenty handy for the newbie law students struggling with their software and those are the ones that need the most and simplest help – which these books provide.

Theseare PDF versions of their "print quality" or printed books that arelicened under Creative Commons, but if law students come knocking forhelp on any of these topics…

  • computer basics
    • Windows XP
    • Mac OS X Tiger
    • Linspire Five-O
    • Palm Devices
  • microsoft office
    • Access 2003
    • Excel 2003
    • PowerPoint 2003
    • Word 2003
    • Publisher 2003
    • Base 2.0
    • Calc 2.0
    • Impress 2.0
    • Writer 2.0
  • web layout
    • Dreamweaver 8
    • FrontPage 2003
    • HTML & CSS
  • web graphics
    • Photoshop CS2
    • Fireworks 8
    • Photoshop Elements 4.0
  • web programming
    • MySQL Basics
    • PHP Basics
    • PERL Basics

…you can point them to to get some help.

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