Cultivating Careers: Professional Development for Campus IT – Free Ebook from EDUCAUSE

What are the career prospects for an IT Professional in education?

Maybe this book will answer that question and many others. From the blurb…

"…provides an overview of current principles and practices for mentoringand developing the next generation of IT leaders in higher education.Edited by EDUCAUSE Vice President Cynthia Golden and written by topleaders in the industry who have distinguished themselves and theirorganizations for sharpening others’ skills, institutional savvy, andability to lead, the book’s chapters are organized into two sections: the organizational perspective and the individual perspective. …."

The entire book is available online in PDF or HTML format here.

There are also audio interviews (we call them podcasts in these parts) with various CIOs from over half-a-dozen universities and community colleges (none from law schools) here.

I have some extensive travel to be doing and will report back as I read.

Read along with me.

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