Podcast Interviews with Law Faculty Podcasters – Professor Jennifer Martin

Update: I re-worked the recording in Audacity to remove as much of the static that crept into the recording. The podcast link below links to the new recording.

This past spring semester, CALI conducted the Legal Education Podcasting Project where over 30 law faculty used podcasting in their courses. We conducted surveys of the students mid-semester and are in the process of conducting an end-of-semester survey as well.

We also are interviewing the faculty about their experiences and their thoughts on how podcasting affected their students and their own teaching.

This is the first of a series of interviews to be posted and it is with Professor Jennifer Martin of Western New England College of Law.

Professor Martin’s class podcasts can be found here.

This podcast is 33 minutes long.

Here is the podcast link. Listen or download. JenniferMartin2.mp3

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