Podcasting Legal Guide from the Good Folks at Creative Commons – Updated

The good folks at Creative Commons have put together a Podcasting Legal Guide that is comprehensive and thorough as seen by these non-lawyerly eyes. I thought this quote from Larry Lessig’s forward was particularly apt…

"…This Guide is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to figure outhow best to follow the law. It is also an outstanding recommendationfor the non-profit I run, Creative Commons, for as you will see as youwork through the insanity that copyright law has become, CreativeCommons is a simple alternative to this complex mess…"

My emphasis.

Reading through guide does give one a sense of looking for the whiterabbit or more appropriately, the Mad Hatter. Lots to study here.


Update: Just realized that one of the authors of the Podcasting Legal Guide hasalso participated in HigherEdBlogCon with two Quicktime movies that youcan watch. The presentation is titled Legal Issues in Podcasting the Traditional Classroom.

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