2006 AALS Annual Meeting Podcasts Now Available

Here’s the link.

CALI worked with AALS to record almost all of the sessions. This was a rather hastily organized effort and kudos goes out to Jane LaBarbera and Carl Monk for trusting in this experiment.

There are almost 200 hours of audio recordings of the sessions from the AALS Annual Meeting. We missed some sessions due to inability to get a sound feed, a few technical glitches and a smattering of all the things that can go wrong in an operation like this.

Still, the results are rather impressive and we learned a whole lot about volume podcasting and we plan to employ that expertise in future CALI projects.

I am going to highlight podcasts from the collection from time to time and I expect that some will also find there way into CALI Radio as well.

I also plan a future blog post on a "Behind the Scenes" of how we did it so that you can learn from our successes and mistakes.

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