Mid-Semester Student Survey results – Legal Education Podcasting Project

We conducted a survey of law students who are in the classess of faculty who are participating in the Legal Education Podcasting Project and the summary results are reported here LEPPMidSemesterSurvey.pdf.[pdf]

There were 388 student responses from 18 different law schools with the University of Baltimore School of Law topping the list with 69 responses (Thanks Baltimore!).

Respondents were about 2/3 (62%) 1Ls and the rest 2L and above.

Note that not only has this project been an introduction to podcassting for the faculty, but that almost 80% of the students had never listened to a podcast.

Over 1/4 of the students have listened to five or more podcasts, though 1/3 have listened to none or only 1 podcast. This number looks better when compared to the number who plan to listen to the podcasts in preparation for final exams.

Over 2/3 of all respondents rated the podcasts as Excellent or Above Average which is a good sign that students appreciate the availability of this media for their studies.

The real gold in this survey is in the student comments. To keep student responses anonymous, I will summarize their responses in a seperate post.

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