The Year of the Ebook Reader?

It looks like this year will be a watershed for new ebook readers. The popularity of Apple’s iPod and the business model of iTunes has shown the way for this to work.

There are at least three ebook readers due for release in the next couple of months based on Eink technology.

The most anticipated is the Sony Reader (or called the Libre in Japan where it is current available).

A Chinese company Jinke has an entry due out in Spring of 2006. They are already selling a version of this reader in China.

Finally (well probably not finally as I would bet there are others that I don’t know about), but last in my list is the Irex reader.

hanlin or jinke ebook reader

I plan to purchase at least one of these and do a session at the CALI Conference. I will have more to say about ebook readers and ebooks generally as they apply to legal education in the near future.

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