Social Software Fatigue

I found myself catching up on a bunch of blog articles that I had checked and not read over the past month. There were over 30 of them and it took a diligent 2 hours to read through them all.

Some were interesting enough to tag in my account and others I emailed to staff or friends to look at.

I’m exhausted.

I also downloaded a bunch of podcasts so that I can listen to themas I walk the dog all next week, but downloading podcasts sometimestakes a long time on my DSL. I could wait until I get into work wherethe connection is faster, but, well, I took a break to make somecoffee.

Then I started into old emails that needed to be filed, answered, deleted, etc.

I’m really getting tired.

Finally,I went to the several blogs that I adminster (including this one) anddeleted the p0rn comment spam that is starting to show up. I know thatsoon we will have a way to deal with this, but in the meantime, I needto be diligent (there’s that word again) so that my "space" does notlook like a brothel.

I didn’t have any time this weekend to getout with friends, go Christmas shopping or call my family. I was toobusy managing my social connections on the Web. I am experiencingsocial software fatigue or SSFS for short (the last "S" is for syndromesince everything seems to be a mental illness these days.

SSFSis when you spend more time managing your connections than makingconnections with real people and real friends. You know it’s especiallybad when you spend MORE time managing than living. It’s kind of likespending more time washing your car than driving it, but even that’snot a very good analogy.

Doubtless, this will all get easier asthe tools converge and things become more convenient (or my friendsstop calling), but in the meantime, I am thinking of looking for a SSFS12 step program.


My name is John Mayer and I am a SSFaholic.


Would someone please intervene.

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