Cell Phones as Personal Kiosks, Moblogging, Clickers and Education

From this articleI learned that Montclair State University has 1400 of its 16,000students equipped with cell phones that tap into all kinds of campusspecific information like bus locations, dining hall menus, etc.

Obviously,this would be a great channel to deliver educational content aswell. The phones are not combo/MP3 players, but that’s where theworld seems to headed and if they have some kind of deal on minutes,then the cost of listening (re-listening) to recorded audio lectures isnegligable. This is the space that ClassCaster is all about.

The home page of the company doing this for Montclair, Rave Wireless, Inc. does mention the idea of personal mobile blogs and even talks about "in-class polling as assessments" which is eInstruction territory.

Can you say convergence?

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