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Legal Information for Podcasters

Ran across a useful interview that Charlie White conducted with attorney Jeffrey Hermes in four parts. They talk about various legal issues that have to do with podcasting like First Amendment protections, defamation, fair use and being sued. Worth a read.. Part 1 here Part 2 here Part 3 here …and… Part 4 here. You […]

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See You In Dallas – EDUCAUSE 2006

I’m off to EDUCAUSE 2006 to give a presentation about the Legal Education Podcasting Project and CALI’s future plans for Classcaster. Here’s the blurb with a link for our session which is on Wednesday morning at 8:10 am (ooof, I am not a morning person). If you would like to meet up, drop a note […]

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I ran across today and it’s gave me an idea. Judges posting their own opinions – hence the title of this post. – MyJudgeSpace. The purpose of Project Posner is… "…Why this site? While Posner’s books and popular writings are easilyavailable to the public, his opinions are difficult or expensive forthe public to access, […]

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Run Your Own Educational Blog/Podcast Network with Classcaster

CALI is pleased to announce the launching of, a website to support education institutions that want to run their own blog/podcast networks. Classcaster is a freely available, open-source system of software that can be run on a Linux server for educational institutions to allow their faculty, staff and students to create blogs, post podcasts […]

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BlackBoard Sues Desire2Learn

The Inquirer has the PDF (no story yet) of the law suit filed by BlackBoard on July 26, 2006 (same day they got their patent) for patent infringement. So much for goodwill, it’s going to be war and Desire2Learn is the front line. This lawsuite has huge ramifications for the educational community – NOT just […]

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BlackBoard’s Patent and the Hunt for Prior Art – Woops! That Didn’t Take Long

Well, the clock is ticking for BlackBoard and whether they are going to come out with cease and desist letters blazing or do something intelligent that will endear them to the edu-blogosphere. By the way, here is the link to the actual patent on the USPTO website. Evidence of searches for prior art are starting […]

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Goodwill Trumps Patent Value: Is BlackBoard Crunching the Numbers?

From Wikipedia, we learn… "…Goodwill is … an important accounting concept that describes the value of a business entity not directly attributable to its tangible assets and liabilities…" So Goodwill is something that a company wants to nurture, grow and be able to claim on its bottom line. Whengoodwill is negative, it’s a liability – […]

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Classcaster: What’s the Catch?

At this year’s CALI Conference for Law School Computing├é┬« and as a result of John Mayer’s talks at SubTech 2006 and AALS I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about Classcaster. Most take the form of something like "I’ve tried Classcaster and it really seems to work great but what about…" and then I’m asked […]

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Waiting for More Subtech Podcasts?

I will be posting more Subtech 2006 podcasts soon. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to copy all of the files off of several digital recorders and they are in my luggage which is still in Copenhagen (hopefully) making its way to Chicago.

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Legal Guide for Bloggers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Having recently posted about the Legal Guide to Podcasting from Creative Commons, I was delighted to learn that there is a Legal Guide for Bloggers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Now I must go off and read it!

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