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How Big is the Biggest Library?

Reading an interesting article in the New York Times today titled "Scan This Book" by Kevin Kelly that had some numbers that I thought I would have some fun playing with… "… From the days of Sumerian clay tablets till now, humans have"published" at least 32 million books, 750 million articles and essays,25 million songs, […]

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Doug Kaye on “Recording Phone Calls and Live Events” Podcast

The inimitable Doug Kaye, CEO of the Conversations Network and a thoroughly enjoyable person to listen to has a podcast on recording phone calls and live events for podcasting. This is a geeky talk, but there is are few people with more on the ground experience in recording for podcasting. He has advice on devices, […]

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Legal Guide for Bloggers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Having recently posted about the Legal Guide to Podcasting from Creative Commons, I was delighted to learn that there is a Legal Guide for Bloggers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Now I must go off and read it!

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Podcasts That Make You Smarter: Bruce Sterling’s The Internet of Things

Here is another podcast that is fascinating, entertaining, educational and thought-provoking. Bruce Sterling is a write of science fiction and a futurist as well as a non-fiction author. The image above is clickable to his latest work on "space and time objects" or "spimes". The podcast is from 2006 O’Reilly Emerging Technology conference via the […]

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Movies in Legal Education: CALI as Netflix?

Image from the movie "12 Angry Men". I ran across a post today on one of the Educause blogs by Phillip D. Long of MIT about some open source software that lets you create a set of links into a commercial DVD so that you could jump to parts of a movie. The point of […]

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